The Specialist Generalist

A lot of lawyers plough a narrow sector-specific furrow. That’s fine. Only commercial life itself doesn’t fit into neatly defined boxes. It embraces all sorts of issues, challenges and themes. It can be about products, processes, personalities or politics: a web of interweaving, sometimes complex strands. So when a business needs advice, the best legal mind is often not a sector-specific one but one with wide-ranging, all-round knowledge that knows how to pull all these strands together or how to disentangle them.

Because we believe there’s a role for it, particularly for the small to medium-sized business, Rebuck Law has made this generalist approach its speciality. Over time we’ve acquired experience that spans the length and breadth of commercial life. We’ve worked in all sorts of sectors and for all sorts of businesses, from ones starting out to ones trying to get out. We’ve crossed borders, dealt with other legal systems, got to grips with different cultures, gone in-house, and worked with clients as if they are colleagues. We’ve helped sell businesses. We’ve helped buy them. And we’ve advised on pretty much everything in between.

Along the way we’ve learned that things never go exactly as you planned them and that consequently commercial life doesn’t fit into neatly defined boxes. Which is why today – more than ever – we think there’s a role for a firm like ours.

REBUCK LAW. The Specialist Generalist