Should You Be More Adventurous?

Turns out most of us want to date a Dr Livingstone, a Bear Grylls, or a Kira Salak. 71% of European adults consider a sense of adventure to be a turn on when looking for a partner (according to a recent YouGov survey commissioned by car manufacturer Nissan:, with a similar percentage suggesting that being adventurous leads to a happier and healthier life.

But does this mean you have to bungee jump your way to the office and spend your free time raiding lost arks? Only if you want to. As psychologist (and world-class mountain climber) Matt Walker, puts it: “The true meaning of adventure can be different for everyone but […] whether it’s a night’s camping or trying out a new sport, adventure is a key element of human experience that we can all engage in – one that can make us happier and healthier.”


Here are our adventure ideas to get your heart racing, whether you’re a confirmed adrenalin junkie or someone who finds an hour of Hatha yoga exhilarating enough.

Faire de la bicyclette
Want to go further than a few miles around town on a Boris bike? Why not sign up for something more continental, like the London-Paris Bike Ride ( It’s all in aid of a charity of your choice so you can legitimately send out emails to everyone you know asking for donations (and simultaneously letting them see how adventurous – ergo, attractive – you are.) NB, do not attempt this on a Boris bike – no docking stations in Paris!

Fly like a bird (indoors…)
If you’re keen to try skydiving but the idea terrifies you, here’s the perfect adventure compromise: indoor skydiving with The London Parachute School ( Inside the school’s vertical wind tunnel you’ll get all the excitement of flight, without even having to board a plane, let alone chuck yourself out of it!

Or outdoors…
And if you get a feel for flying, or subscribe to a “no plane no gain” mentality, why not sign up for a fully-fledged skydiving course? By the end of it you’ll be able to fly without being strapped to an instructor ( Take that, Birdman.

secret adventure canoe
Join an adventure community
If you’re looking for a one-stop virtual adventure playground, join Secret Adventures ( find a group to go night swimming, dog sledding, or summer-solstice canoeing with! It’s sort of like Facebook for adventurers (i.e attractive people…) Livingstone tache optional.