Bag yourself a new everyday luxury

Taikka accessories: everyday luxury without the luxury price tag.

We usually blog about luxury goods which have an equally luxury price tag. But this week we’re talking about a slightly different class of handbag that’s both functional and trendy, and is launching a new ethical range early in 2017.

Little Anything(Purple)

Founded in 2012 by a Finn and an Aussie who wanted to create easy going, daily wear handbags and accessories with an edge, Taikka now offers three main ranges. These include: TAIKKA Helsinki, with its muted colours and Nordic minimalist aesthetic, TAIKKA Melbourne, a water-resistant, weather-proof collection crafted from denim, nylon and neoprene and TAIKKA Brazil with its multi-functional nylon design features, durable fabrics and elegant silhouettes.

Neoprene Cluth (Black&Blue)

“We have the great British weather to thank for the TAIKKA concept,” say Taikka founders Juva and Jones, whose aim was to introduce a range of stylish handbags that could be used either for a day at work or an evening out. “After we met in London, we realised the necessity of having a bag that is rain-proof, but doesn’t sacrifice style or quality. As something we all rely on as part of our daily lives, handbags were a natural first step for TAIKKA.”
Denim Tote


Prices range from £15 to £135