Our favourite Fit-Tech releases

It’s very nearly Spring, a time when people come out of their winter woolies and start thinking about summer holidays. And with summer holidays, comes swimming gear and with that comes body consciousness. Rightly or wrongly, this is a time of year when many of us start panicking about our fitness and physiques. Turns out that fitness technology is at hand to help us get the most out of each and every training session as well as our non training time…

1) Kymira

Our overall favourite piece of fitness tech is a wearable called Kymira. First, the basics: it’s a range of performance and recovery enhancing training clothing that can help anybody from the beginner runner to the Olympic athlete to get the best out of their bodies. Now, the detail: the scientist behind Kymira was inspired by a Nasa research paper that suggested infrared light could help plants grow quicker in space. From this he considered how infrared technology might be used in clothing in order to to harness body heat and convert it into infrared light, which is then reflected into the muscles (during and after training) to help prevent the onset of muscle soreness. For more details visit www.kymirasport.com/

kymira bike1

2) MyZone-3 activity belt

Think heart rate monitors are useful? Well, yes, they are, but they’re also a bit passe. Or rather, just wearing a heart rate monitor isn’t always enough to inspire and motivate. Wearing a MyZone-3 activity belt however, enables you to compete against anyone, even Olympians, because it includes an effort tracker. Think of it like a gold handicap system applied to exercise; your heart rate is measured to provide effort points, which are broadcast to your friends via the MyZone app, so you can race your uber fit friend on grit alone.


3) Slendertone Connect Abs
Maybe it’s the fact that we’re all working longer hours than ever, or the trend towards achieving a muscular, honed physique, but it seems having a buzzing belly is back in fashion. Slendertone’s new bluetooth enabled abdominal toning belt – the only one to be controlled and monitored by an app – should be used five times a week for thirty minutes a day, preferably when you’re alone and can let out the occasional yelp as mini electric shocks spark your sides into shape.


Slendertone Connect Abs - in use (1)