Build team morale in the desert wilderness

There’s no doubt that we are living in very uncertain times at the moment with businesses and individuals uncertain about where political shifts are taking us, and how on earth Brexit will ‘look’ when it actually happens. That’s why, for this week’s luxury travel blog we thought we’d focus on true wilderness: Hud Hud Travel’s luxury escapes to Oman (

More than just your average desert tour, Hud Hud are experts in Oman, and in creating exciting bespoke journeys through the country. One of their specialist areas however is in organising epic, memorable team building exercises, which we think a lot of disillusioned entrepreneurs and businessmen and women could do with at the moment. Thanks to its rich and varied landscape, Oman is a fantastic location for activities such as shopping challenges in busy Muscat, orienteering and desert survival skills sessions; camping in style under the stars with your colleagues, creating thought-provoking memories and seeing your team through fresh eyes.

(Take a look at this article on why team building is the best investment you’ll make for your business:



All efforts to maximise sustainability are made too. The grand Arabian tents they set up are temporary settlements and much effort is made to ensure they blend in with the natural environment, rather than hinder or harm it in any way. First the area is cleared, then the camp is set up and afterwards it’s all restored to pristine condition, with all rubbish taken away too. Also, the chefs work hard to use as much locally-sourced food as possible even when the group is miles and miles away from the nearest shop! And then there’s the focus on the local people; Hud Hud is always keen to support local craftsmen and craftswomen; chefs buy fresh fish from local fishermen; local guides and experts are employed wherever possible.