Make your basement a best-cellar with a luxury wine cave

Gone are the days when converting your unused basement into a luxury ‘pied-a-terre’ was the height of sophistication. Enter: the signature wine cellar, a dedicated, walk-in room with an entire section for wine tasting and dining.

It may be one of the hottest high-end trends out there for London home owners, according to one Ham & High article, but designing your “wine tasting room” is probably something you’ll want expert advice on. After all, there are lots of things to take into account, says one Forbes article (link below), including insulation and what ‘look’ you’re going for…

Yet whether it’s a traditional French wine cave style you choose, or something with a more contemporary ‘modern’ feel, these temperate and climate-controlled wine havens are certainly exclusive. How high-tech they are really depends a lot on your total budget (cellars tend to start around £20,000 but can go up to £250,000)… Given enough expenditure however, cellars can include ‘wine pods’ made from curved or flat custom-made glass and ‘wine walls’ displayed behind specialist glass doors and backlit with LED lighting.

For the most part however, you get to choose exactly how you want it and some companies will project manage the whole thing, from architects plans to interior design and temperature control. One of our favourites is Cellar Maison (founded 2012), the brainchild of Managing Director, Andrew Speer, who grew up in the Nelson and Marlborough region of New Zealand surrounded by the region’s incredible wine heritage.

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