Rise of the concierge

Money can’t buy you love, that’s true, but increasingly it can buy you taste, a sense of style or some much-needed spare time. Online concierge services have been on the increase over the last few years, and now they’re doing much more than just booking your train tickets and doing your accounts.

The ethos of the modern concierge service is to improve your quality of life by outsourcing anything that is boring, time-consuming or stressful. Services like UK-based Taskrabbit promise to give their clients valuable breathing space, by passing on their errands to a hand-picked team of ‘taskers’, whose remit stretches from building flat-pack furniture to planning a dinner party.


No matter what you find stressful in life, there’s a concierge service to help you out. After observing that many men are badly dressed simply because they have no time to shop and don’t know what suits them, Chicago-based Trunk Club has “cornered the luxury market for online personal styling” (according to the International Business Times) by introducing a service that pairs each customer with a stylist and sends them trunks of hand-selected, high-end clothing, tailored to their personal style, size and preferences. The customer has 10 days to try on the items, after which unwanted items are collected by a courier.

Then there’s Sosh, founded by Silicon Valley whizzkid Rishi Mandal in order to address the age-old question: what should we do? Sosh pairs technological ingenuity with human creativity to offer its members personalised recommendations based on their own tastes, what’s open, what’s nearby, what the weather’s doing and what’s current. Rather than wasting days of your life searching a city for the perfect espresso or sitting through yet another boring blockbuster because you can’t think of anything better to do with your Saturday night, Sosh will take you straight to the jackpot every time.