2017’s biggest luxury? Personalised Wellbeing.

Why are you the way you are (and what can you do to change it)?


Imagine being told exactly what kind of exercise, diet and supplementation will work for you. Not your colleague, not your boss, but you and only you. What do you need to perform your best? What do you need to reach optimal wellbeing?

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There’s a new health trend in town. To be more specific: there’s a new trend in offices; in corporate environments and among forward-thinking employers. No, it’s not free lunchtime mindfulness classes (though that does still happen and is part of a wider trend towards helping employees to feel and perform their best at work), nor is it one-on-one yoga classes. It’s called I-am-why-I-am (www.iamyiam.com) – the brainchild of Lorena Puica, who left her city job to set up the health company that she hopes will bring organisation and structure, as well as professionalism, to the whole space of wellness and wellbeing.

How does the discovery process work?

Puica says: “You browse the site, sign in and set the health goal (eg. weight loss, sleep better, reduce back pain, stress) and we look at your genetics – via a test we send over to you in the post. It’s very simple to carry out – just a saliva test – and the results take a matter of weeks to gather. Once we have those we can consult our research –  we’ve gone through about 170,000 academic research papers to figure out what type of therapies and nutrients are most effective for a person’s genetic make up and health goal. In terms of any professionals we recommend, we’ve created our own five-stage vetting process and selected just 150 out of 7000 professionals so you’re in good hands!”


What happens next?

After that, Puica and her colleagues at www.iamyiam.com can recommend the top three things you should be doing as well as the top three nutrients you need to consume, for example. “Essentially we’ve streamlined the whole decision-making process to help people decide what to do and what to eat and give them the greatest chance of getting good results,” she says.

The wellbeing market – some clarification:Molecular Dreams series. Visually attractive backdrop made of conceptual atoms, molecules and fractal elements suitable as element for layouts on biology, chemistry, technology, science and education

So what is the wellbeing market exactly? It’s everything from therapy, yoga meditation, acupuncture osteopathy (we cover), fitness, supplements (we cover) and wellness travel (retreats and international travel ) as well as new superfoods. Also, the wellbeing market is booming at the moment. “There’s been a 15.7% year growth global revenue each yea,” says Puica. “The total market is $3.4 trillion which is 3 times the size of the pharmaceutical industry and the therapies alone bring in $256 billion global revenue each year.”

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